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Soil Analysis

It starts with thinkSOIL – our scientific soil analysis. It’s more than just a soil test. It will actually prescribe the soil amendments your soil needs to become balanced.

Your Customized Annual Soil Prescription

Based on your soil analysis, we will provide instructions to easily balance your soil and grow healthier lawns, gardens and landscapes.

Delivered to Your Door

Order the nutrients and amendments needed to balance your soil based on your customized soil prescription and we’ll have them shipped to your door!


The World’s Best Soil Analysis

You will receive:

1. Scientific Soil Analysis

  • Comprehensive analysis of your soil’s nutrient levels

2. Year-long Instructions to Balance Your Soil

  • Annual calendar with detailed scientific instructions
  • Customized based on your plant type and soil analysis results
  • Recommendations on the best products to use

Stop Guessing when you plant! Trust Science.

Stop wasting time and money. Balance your soil BEFORE you plant. Simply give us 6 oz of your soil, we’ll analyze it and give you detailed instructions. Learn exactly what nutrients to add to your soil, when to apply them and how much to apply – we’ll even have them shipped to your door!

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